Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update: No horses for you, Frank MacKay!

Remember the story of the Edmonton lawyer who abandoned his horses on a pack trip and the huge effort made by others to get them to safety? Someone has sent me an update page:

So how cool is all of that? The horses have new homes and that insufferable asshat who left them to starve and freeze without even making a phone call to the authorities to try to get them help is never going to see them again! There is also information on that page on who to contact to ensure that charges are brought against Mr. MacKay.

That's what I call a happy ending.

So if you're in Edmonton and you don't support irresponsible animal ownership, make sure not to bring any of your legal business to Frank MacKay! Read all of his lame excuses for not rescuing the horses. "They survived, thank God," he observes. UH NO. Thank all of the rescuers who dug a fucking trench with their own hands in subzero temps while you were sitting, warm and cozy, somehow assuming that horses could live three months on eight liters of Gatorade and thirty pounds of hay pellets? I have one horse that eats thirty pounds of hay pellets in two days, Frank. Where in your tale of woe were you unable to alert the SPCA that you had left your horses in the wilderness? Was there some part about a crippling phobia of telephones that I missed?

No, Frank, you just didn't want to be embarrassed.