Sunday, February 1, 2009

Silly Sunday Topic!

Tomorrow will be some serious stuff again so I thought we'd do something fun today!

What would you buy if you didn't have horses? I was thinking about this because I was working at a charity event last night and just drooling over the dresses, shoes and handbags I can no longer have because of my useless old mare addiction. (But hey, useless old mares are just so damn cute...) Like many of you, my horses have better clothes than I do. They certainly cost more!

But I know not everybody is into that stuff, so tell me - what would you buy if you didn't have horses? Would you travel more? A cooler car? Nicer furniture? A weekly massage? A state of the art video game system and a huge plasma TV? Do you have another hobby that you'd pursue? If all the horses disappeared tomorrow, what would you do with your spare time and money?

On our other shopping topic, for those of you who were looking for a new pet for National Adopt An Animal Already In Rescue Day, how's the shopping going? :-) I'm going to be asking you tomorrow to tell me all about them! (Along with a serious topic I have to address because it's time-sensitive).