Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pets tend to resemble their owners.

Ah well, not for the first time, a target of this blog has their knickers in a knot. Doesn't reading this just make you think of one of those snarly overfed HYPP positive halter horses who never gets turned out and spends his whole day scraping his teeth against the bars of his stall with his ears laid flat back?

Their e-mail to me:

We would like to speak with someone in reference to libelous information which was posted on: . I represent the American Halter Horse Association, and slanderous and misinformation was posted on this site. We emailed a comment but none of the material was removed, nor a retraction made.

Best Regards
Ronnie Lyons
American Halter Horse Association
P.O. Box 227
Merit, TX 75458

My response to them:

If you think you have a case, sue me. I would love to see more publicity brought to the issue of allowing horses with a potentially fatal genetic defect which may cause them to die a horrible death from suffocation or heart failure, to continue to show and breed even after their own breed associations have banned them from being registered. All of the information I posted was published on your official web site or is my personal opinion, which I have every right to possess and share with others. You may wish to review the Constitution. Actually, your site was e-mailed to me by multiple equally horrified horse owners that your association sent unsolicited e-mails to (commonly known as "spam").

By the way, what is "slanderous and misinformation?' That must be a legal term I am not familiar with, although it really just looks like poor grammar not consistent with a graduate school education.


As always, if I really do get sued, I will be happy to link all of the pleadings to this site for everyone's amusement!

P.S. When you are pretending to be a lawyer on the Internet, it is helpful to learn the difference between "libel" and "slander." Libel is written (like this blog). Slander is spoken (like if I were yelling at you at an AQHA show). Hope that helps!