Monday, September 10, 2007

More of your horses!

More of your horses and their stories today! (Yes, I am busy - a regular post is coming tomorrow)

"Here is a picture of my well-loved, kinda fugly, 19 year old, Arabian mare, "Izzy." Izzy was given to me (free) a few years ago when Izzy's owner injured herself and could no longer ride. To her owner's great credit, she did an interview and home check first and rechecked on us a month later. I have to say her owner was also the first person I have ever gotten a horse from, free or purchased, who had complete documentation showing the horse's health history. Why is that so hard for most people??
According to Izzy's health records her tail is short because part of it had to be amputated. A tail wrap was pulled tight by a horse in an adjoining stall and it cut off the circulation to part of her tail. Also, according to her records, she was bred twice. I tracked down one of her colts and noted that he had the same unfortunate neck-to-withers attachment. Apparently over Izzy's career she has been used for western pleasure, jumping and dressage, among other endeavors that she is not particularly built for given her slightly downhill build. Now Izzy has mild arthritis in her front legs. Go figure. She stumbles occasionally when ridden, so is relegated to slowly walking around the neighborhood, carrying my poorly dressed self. That she is not running away from me is a testament to her kind nature. (And no, that is not my fence behind me.)"

FHOTD: While I think she's a cute mare who looks great for her age, I agree that she didn't have the right conformation for jumping and it probably did predispose her toward some arthritis as she aged. If you look, this is a good example of a horse who isn't just downhill but her hocks are quite a bit higher than her knees, which tends to throw weight to the front end and increases the risk of stumbling. She is in absolutely textbook perfect condition. Not fat, not thin - just right.

Love this one - very funky conformation but in show-ring condition. Great job!

"This is Galen. He is a TWH. Easily the Fugliest horse currently residing on the family ranch. And no I didn't actually pay any money for him. He was free. A mercy rescue. He had a date with the vet for euthanasia and I got him for free. He is the poster child for "some people are too ignorant to own horses". I'm not sure how many nitwits owned him, butI know that there were at least two in a row, the one I got him from and the one they got him telling how far that little conga line went back in his past. He also did not come with the name Galen. No, this 16.2 hh of half-horse half-giraffe with an anxienty disorder came with the oh so original name of"Thunder". He was renamed Galen before he got off the trailer...if anyone ever needed a new name with a new "vibe" it was this guy. To say that he came with some "issues" would be a gross understatement. He was a mental train wreck, and his motto seemed to be "It's every horse for himself, you can't count on these humans, save yourself" or "Run away, run away". He got turned out with the other geldings when he got here and was allowed to just mellow out, then just proper handling and he is pretty well "cured". He was obviously owned initially by someone that knew what they were doing, all his basic groundwork skills are intact and normal. How about the butt on him? Not to mention the calf-knees and out-behind. You can hang a coat on his hipbones regardless of how fat he is. And no amount of fat will cover the point (literally) of his croup. He's becoming a trail horse, he will got through,over, under whatever you point him at, as long as his rider/handler knows what they are doing. He's such a doofus, you really feel sorry for him having drawn a bad hand there for a while."

Random bits of stupid from around the net:

Grade Friesian Mare/Wonderful Family Horse, $5,500,Mare, Black, Age: 6, 17.2H, Miss Camel is a wonderful grade Friesian mare. She has a great temperament and loves attention. She is calm and easy to handle. Her only fault is she has a "Roach back". Vet has cleared her for riding bareback or with saddle. She is bred to Registered Friesian for '08 foal. Miss Camel is all black.

FHOTD: Wow. Where do I even begin? Grade with a roach back and you're breeding it and you want $5500 for it? What the hell are you smoking? "Miss Camel," oh yeah, that's just freaking adorable. Come over here so I can slap you upside your stupid head. And who is the stallion owner that was willing to breed their stallion to the grade humpback whale? Shame, shame, shame!

horse drown wagon rides for hire
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Date: 2007-09-09, 9:53AM
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FHOTD in: Holy shit, throw the poor things a life preserver, they're drowning! *shakes head* Good grief. I suppose I should give them credit for trying to make some hay money, but I just can't get past the spelling.

Now for any of you ladies who are worried about feeding your horses what with the cost of hay and all, one enterprising hay grower has come up with a solution for you!

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Date: 2007-09-08, 10:54AM
Hello i have some great hay and need some great Massages!! Female clients ONLY Send a pic or great discription. Discounts will also be given to nudity. Flashes etc.!!! LOL I am very tall and handsome. Delivery is avaliable. Looking for Mature ladies as well as late 20s i am 35yrs and over 6'

Discounts for nudity! Don't all swarm the poor guy at once now! :-)

Gotta love Craigslist.