Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today's Mother of the Year and other tidbits!

Look, Ma! No helmet!

Um, not so much...

I have to say, this one looks sweet...hope he finds a good home.

Are you on your way to rob a bank on that poor overloaded pony?
They brag that they handle all their foals. But apparently not their mares?
Yes, I can TELL by your pictures!
I actually like this Friesian cross filly (see, just when you thought I hated them all), but what is with this picture? First of all, you shouldn't be sitting on a 2 year old Friesian/draft cross at all - that's way too young - and secondly, the sort of people who buy sport horses will think you are a total idiot for sitting on anything backwards in a ball cap and barefoot. If you are trying to look like a serious breeder/trainer/whatever it is you are, that is just not the way to go about it.
The same goes for the video where you trot the same filly for the camera wearing short-shorts and flip flops. You don't have to distract the buyer into looking at your ass instead of the filly's. You only have to do that with fugly horses. You need to go talk to the dealers - they will pay you good money to ride horses at auctions dressed like that.