Friday, September 7, 2007

Since it's Friday...

If you can't see today's pictures, click here. We had a glitch and some of you can see them, some can't.

Daily, I log on to find
The equine world has lost its mind
Like this snuggling session with a "friend"
Who doesn't know how this will end?

Boundaries? What are those?
My horse and I, we're super close!

Don't hit or yell, I've been advised
He's a rescue and traumatized!

"He doesn't like blue,"
I heard her say
As paramedics took her away

Have I got a horse for you!
A bay overo - ain't that cool?
With a massive hip and big belly spot
He's sure to get looked at a lot!

I've turned down much more for him, of course!
But I can tell he wants to be your horse
I'll sell for just $5500 today!
(Bring an XL halter to take him away)

Just what was this horse bred for?
Sniffing for truffles? Sweeping the floor?
With his nose on the ground and his ass in the sky
I just have to ask WHY? WHY? WHY?

For just $4000, you can know the thrill
Of riding a horse that's severely downhill!

Or - better yet - alert the news!
Finally found a use for those "Big Lick" shoes!

What will I find next? Oh let me guess...
A girl in a too-tight hoochie dress!

Those platform heels are sexy, too
Can't wait 'til you slide off and step in poo

I shouldn't be surprised you have no sense
Your web site's full of barbed wire fence

Keep breeding those grade mares every year
You're keeping the meat dealer in cigs and beer