Friday, September 14, 2007

Celebrity guest blogger!

I am extremely honored to present to all of you a guest blog today by the famous Bazzy Boy. If you haven't already seen his web site, you can find it here. If you think I am funny, I just have to tell you, I have nothing on this horse.

As Fugly Horses Go....

Hey Fugly, loves ya site, Dad was telling me about it the other day whist I was pretending to work out with him and I thought, Hey I know a Fugly Horse so I thought I'd send him over. I know your site is not just about Fugly horses but when you know one this Fugly it would be wrong not to send it in.

This here strange fellow on the right is "Bobby" the woofty coloured, no knackers shortarse. He's a TB (Yawn) albeit a very small one :) I just call him "Nobby no-nuts" it sort of suits him.

He's very much into dressage and can often be seen running around the paddock in a tu-tu or three.

He thinks he's pretty hot to trot with the girls and is trying to hit on my girlfriend Cherry by poking his nose in her bum. He's so small he never made it to the track, oh and so slow too. Unlike me of course who is a legend of a racehorse, well sortta, maybe.

I can't make my mind up whether he has a small head or a fat tummy, don't suppose it matters really either way he looks Fugly and stoopid, which might be ok if he had some personality, but alas, no. He's short in that department too.

Anyway if you could pop this on your site so I can get my Dad to print it off and stick it on Nobby's head that would really make my day :)

And if you want some more dirt on Nobby there is plenty of stuff on my website ( cos I'm always hanging it on him for trying to muscle in on my Cherry.


Neeeeiigggghhh! Bazzy boy (and his hapless humans)

p.s Dad wants to know if he can put a link up on my Blog to Fugly horse?
FHOTD in: I would be honored!