Monday, September 24, 2007

And finally the truth comes out...

I absolutely love it when people are so damn dumb that they are not only crooked, but they are totally honest about being crooked and it doesn't even occur to them that there is anything wrong with it! Kind of like the chick who used to work for friends of mine in their cafe but brag to everybody that she was on disability and they'd never find out about that job. (Unsurprisingly, she got turned in. No way! OMG!)

You see, most of the HYPP apologists put on a smiley face and spew out a bunch of claptrap about improving the breed and top quality halter horses and how lots of genetic defects exist, not just HYPP, blahdeblahblahblah...but these folks, in their Craigslist ad, don't even try to lie about the GREAT benefit to having a positive horse! Just read the text of their ad, below. I added the bold, just in case you could have possibly missed what I am referring to. And no, this time I am not even redacting the name. Shit, I didn't post the ad with this brilliant statement. They're the ones who put it right on Craigslist for all to see! Sue me if you want, selfish greedy loser bastards.

"This guy will be your next all-around horse! Kid can halter and excel in performance events! He is a great mover and shows potential in western/english pleasure, hunter under saddle, your class! With limited showing Kid was the 2005 Pinto Reserve World Champion Yearling Halter Horse and in 2006 he was the Rocky Mtn. Paint Horse Assoc.Year End Reserve Champion Two Year Old Gelding. PRIME TIME KID will be the ultimate amateur or youth all-around horse! This is an excellent opportunity to buy a VERY NICE horse at a TERRIFIC price! Kid has the talent and looks to take you as far as you want to go! Kid is sound and healthy, UTD on shots, worming, trimming and is ready to continue training and begin winning for you! He is also Breeders Trust Enrolled. Prime Time Kid is HYPP positive, but as a bonus he is insured for more than 3 1/2 times his sale price! Don't miss this chance to buy a winner!!"

YAY!!!! So when he keels over DEAD, you will MAKE MONEY! BONUS!!! AWESOME!!!

OK, this clueless wonder owner is not going to learn. APHA and PtHA, it is time for YOU to draw a line in the sand and kick these selfish greedy losers OFF THE ISLAND. Is THIS what you want people to think of when they think of top winning horses in your breed show associations?

Ban the H/H's and ban the N/H's and end the insanity already!