Sunday, May 10, 2009

Winnipeg area - Paso Finos in need!

This is last minute but I just saw it in my mail and am happy to post it for those of you in the area or who love Paso Finos:

"I'm hoping you can help!!! I was involved in a rescue/seizure of 12 Paso Fino's living in horrid conditions a few weeks ago, in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. (the story was on the CBC news. The horses were being held by Animal Control until legal proceedings were finished. The horses were released for adoption as of today. Bad news, if they are not picked up by Monday they are being sent to Auction Tuesday. There are 7 horses left that need homes. They have all been seen by farrier and vet and range in age from 8 to 25. (2 geldings both 24, and 5 mares). All the horses were virtually untouched for years, they were halter broke at one time but none have ever been saddled. I know they would be a huge undertaking for anyone but I really feel that after the awful lives they had to endure that they deserve a second chance. If you could put a post on your blog I would greatly appreciate the help as I am frantically calling everyone I can to try and find homes for these guys before its to late. (there is no adoption fee, just have to show up with a trailer on monday)

If anyone is interested they can contact me at "

(Now let's hope the authorities up there are on the ball and don't release the horses to Mr. Kill Buyer when he shows up with a trailer on Monday. These "come and get 'em" situations always make me nervous...)