Thursday, May 14, 2009

And more auction reports!

If you're new, the reason I post these is to remind beginners who might think they can "make money breeding horses" about the realities of the current horse market. Right now, no one should consider making a new horse happen unless they can say the following things:

1) They truly know their bloodlines and how to avoid the avoidable genetic diseases of their breed or breeds;

2) They can afford all of the recommended vet care for a pregnant mare including having a vet verify pregnancy and having the resources to call the vet if something goes wrong during foaling;

3) They have both the time and the knowledge to work with the resulting foal and keep his knowledge age-appropriate. Weanlings should halter, lead, and pick up feet. Yearlings should tie, load, clip and stand for baths. Depending on your philosophy, 2-3 year olds should longe (that means longe, not ricochet off the round pen like a Bengal on catnip), possibly ground drive or long line or pony, be learning to wear tack, etc. 4 year olds of any breed should at least be started under saddle unless you are positive you are keeping them and want to wait a little longer. Deb Bennett's research on spinal development was not intended to give BYB's an excuse not to train their horses. Really. And while there's nothing wrong with having your first foal (everybody had a first!), it's important to make sure you have knowledgeable friends or a trainer to help you. You'd be shocked at how hard just getting that first halter on can be with some babies!

4) They do not have an expectation or a NEED to sell the foal. If the foal doesn't sell for two or three years, that is fine with them and they will keep up on the training. They have researched the market and honestly know what their odds are of selling the foal and what kind of money they are likely to get for it.

5) They know conformation and know what specific purpose they are breeding for. "Champagne" is only a purpose on New Year's Eve (and most of you Kolor Krazies are breeding very little Veuve Cliquot and a whole lot of Asti Spumanti!). And as I've noted before, it is not a "sport horse" unless it does a sport!

6) They have a plan if the foal is born with a serious problem - a plan that does not consist of dumping the foal at a sale without papers. Euthanasia is an acceptable solution when a foal is born with a disability that will prevent it from ever being ridden. Slaughter is not. The auction is not. Dumping it on a rescue is not. Lying about the condition and selling it to some poor beginner horseperson is NOT.

7) They have room for another horse! I'm so tired of hearing "must sell to make room for spring foals." How about, we don't make spring foals if we don't have room???

So without further it and weep and think about whether or not you really want to create a new equine life. The first one is from Wisconsin. I AM happy to see how many people no-saled. I understand taking a horse to an auction when you are truly desperate, like the jobless lady, but a decent person takes that horse back home again if the bid doesn't go high enough to ensure the horse is safe from slaughter.

Sorrel Registered Saddlebred Gelding Very nice horse but he didn't go through, no coggins. (spoke to the lady his owner lost her job wanted $275)

Sorrel Registered Saddlebred mare halfsister to above. Very nice horse but he didn't go through, no coggins. (spoke to the lady his owner lost her job wanted $275)

3 year old cute maximum sabino pinto pony mare small laid back, walked through. nice pony clubbing prospect- $85 (no saled)

teen underweight brown mare 15 hands. broke to ride, real sweet heart.- $75 (No Sale)

5 year old bay gelding, trail ridden, grade, calm-$350 (No Sale)

Sorrel 3 year old nice looking overo gelding supposedly green but was really laid back when ridden in the ring.-$200 (No Sale)

13 year old chestnut Grade morgan, walked through, broke to ride. Really nice and well cared for- $260

6 year old Palomino, green toes out so bad he looked like a duck-$185 (No Sale) (FHOTD in: There is no market for young horses who resemble waterfowl. Keep it in mind when you breed!)

12-13 grade broke to ride NICE gelding-$410 (No Sale)

Dead Broke Red Dun AQHA Mare, Skipper W Breeding, ridden bridleless, exellent mare needed feet done and made her look 'off'.-$900

6 year old green broke Tovero Bay walked through nice build-$ 240 (No Sale)

7 year old overo pony. was very sore standing when I watched him before the auction. Amish ridden and broken out. intermediate rider only. -$250 (No Sale)

6 year old Pintoloosa Broke to ride mare, walked in-$225 (No Sale)

Now, Kelsey from Tennessee brings us an auction report but it comes with a happy ending, too - Kelsey picked up a mare at this sale a while back and has great news about how that turned out. "I have a TB mare that I bought from the KB at this sale. He didn't run her through the sale, she was just in a pen with the rest of the other kill pen horses, and were on a rest stop on their way to slaughter. I brought her home... she's an absolute doll. She was VERY skinny, and all beat up all over. She had a deep puncture hole in her head also. Her feet were a complete mess. She has turned into such a nice mare. Her feet are all cleaned up, she's healthy and very happy. She is a gorgeous hunter under saddle horse, and definitely moves more like a qh type hunter. She also, surprisingly, loves to jog and does it very well! If she had more of a lope vs a canter she would be a knockout pleasure horse at open shows. But she definitely has a canter, not a lope. I've hopped her over fences a few times... and she seems to really enjoy it and have natural talent. She also has been hauled out trail riding, and has been trail riding on our trails next to our house. She is a very special girl. We will be selling her soon, and placing her in a good home, and going and doing the same thing again with another horse in need. It's so rewarding!"

Very cool! I have Kelsey's info if you might be seeking a terrific TB mare in Tennessee - just e-mail me with TB MARE in the subject line.

Now for the auction report. PB - Private Buyer. KB - Kill Buyer. NS - No Saled.

1. 2005 APHA Stud. Lanky, Ugly neck. Rode in, nervous. Grey and White. $250- PB
2. 7 year old QH type gelding. Said he had been used on cattle. Ridden in. Stocky, quiet. $250-KB
3. 2001 AQHA and Foundation QH. 95% foundation bred. Been used as broodmare, not broke. Quietly led in, she would be a nice project, she’s cute. $180 PB
4. Registered mini. Appaloosa coloring. Cute as a button. 38”, in foal ( I think for ’10? ). $400 PB
5. 1996 AQHA bay gelding. Goes back to Impressive and had no HYPP status listed. Quiet enough walking around, got a little excited when asked to trot, but did do it. Ugly headed, but decent enough. $290 PB
6. 2001 Reg. Appaloosa gelding. Looks right around 14hh. Ridden all over by a jerk of a fat kid…pony looked like he’d had enough by end of night/tossing head but had been quiet all day. Seemed like a nice broke pony. Bidding went to $250 NS wanted $350.
7. 1998 APHA mare. Jetalito granddaughter. Pretty, quiet W/J/L. 1st time ridden in 2 years. $700-PB
8. 3 year old pinto (mare?). Said green broke, but compared to everything else she seemed pretty broke. Super CUTE. Pretty headed, nice hip. $385- PB
9. 2 year old palomino filly. Will not be 2 until July. Rode the crap out of her all over. She looks very baby-ish. Sweet filly… needs time to mature physically. Sadly she’s not gonna get that. $265 PB
10. 1990 APHA mare. This one killed me. She was DEAD quiet, in great shape and jogged around on a draped rein slowly. Babysitter! I would have brought her home if I had a stall. $175 KB ughhh!
11. 9 or 10 year old gelding. Ridden in by kid. Stocky and wide, not much to look at but quietly walked around. $425-PB
12. 3 year old? Tall pretty bay TB mare. Does not tie apparently ( she tore up a wall out in back ) rode around quietly bareback, little jog, sweet girl. $185 KB
13. 7 year old QH type Palomino mare. Pretty, short and stout. Very quiet. $400-something to PB
14. 4 year old BIG handsome TB gelding. W/T/C…. very cool horse. This would have been a fun project. $390- PB
15. Didn’t catch the age. Probably around 14hh gaited pony mare. Very smooth, and looked like fun! $370-PB
16. 2004 TWHBEA gelding. UGLY and pissy. Wanted to throw the guy. Said he was “rank”. Has a cloudy eye. I don’t know what the bidding was at but he NS and wanted $200.
17. Didn’t catch age. Palomino gaited mare. Not ridden in 2-3 years but they hopped on in the ring. Nervous, but ok ( can’t blame her! ). Off on LF. Bred to jack. $NS wanted $400
18. No age, TB mare. Been used as a broodmare. Tall, skinny. $195 KB
19. 4 and 3 year old (brought in together) Belgian/ Halflinger cross. Funky looking. Broke to drive. $ NS didn’t say what they wanted.
20. 2005 bay AQHA gelding. Not much to look at Said he was a “cutter and reiner” ( I enjoyed some laughs ). Attempted to do some spins, but did fast circles and moved about 20 feet(certainly no reining spin! ) LOL, I was getting a kick out of this one. It impressed the yahoos there though. $1825 PB

So there you go. Unless you're sure that the baby won't be a $200 auction horse in his future - just don't do it. If you want to work with a young horse, there are plenty of them out there for free - some surprisingly nice - so save a life instead of making a life!