Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's an off-topic Friday link-posting free for all!

Was this a really long week or is it just me?

Hey, it's finally Friday and I'm not in the mood to address anything too serious today. So let's just have some FUN and post links that we think are funny, snarky, educational or whatever. They don't have to be horse related.

If you don't know how to make a HTML link yet, read this first. Scroll down to the part about "links." It's much easier for people than cutting and pasting if you just learn to make a link. It is not hard to do.

So here are some of my favorite fun things to read on the web:
I have to mention Why Women Hate Men and Psychotic Letters from Men. These are two of my must-read blogs. They are hilarious (warning - some rude/explicit content) - they're written by a man who snarks on men and totally understands why women get fed up!

Thanks to these blogs, I got to see the infamous Loren video and the response video, the Ballad of Douche Quadbike.
Oh.My.God. This is seriously one of the funniest things I have ever found on the web. I only wish I had the skills to respond to some of the targets of my blogs in song! Sanchez, I bow to you. Again, this is rude but SO funny. The music on video #2 is definitely not appropriate for work so close your office door or wait 'til you get home to enjoy.

I assume everybody here knows about Craigslist due to scary horse postings, but if you don't, it's time you did. There is a Craigslist just about anywhere and everywhere. Most postings are free. You can get so much cool stuff in the "free" section that it's unbelievable and the "farm and garden" section is a treasure trove of affordable finds like those rubbermaid water troughs that normally cost a mint. Definitely a resource that you want to learn about and use!

Been following the ridiculous Jon & Kate drama? Here's
the FHOTD of Jon & Kate...LOVE IT. Totally exposes them as money-grubbing attention whores. (Who's shocked? I mean, I can't wrap my brain around the Duggar family lifestyle, but at least they are genuine. You're never gonna see Michelle Duggar coming out of Mr. Chow's.) For celebrity gossip in general, I love Perez Hilton and he has plugged a lot of animal charities so he gets two thumbs up for that, too!

I am frequently asked what horse board I recommend to get GOOD advice. I would have to put the Chronicle of the Horse forum as my #1 choice. Obviously as with any board, not everybody is a rockstar, but I'd say that board has the highest percentage of experts on it. If you have a health care question or a question about an English discipline, that's the place to get the right answers.

Looking for a clean blog you can share with the kids that still sends the same messages as this one? If you aren't already a TB Friends reader, you should be. No F words, but the same messages about owner responsibility, doing the right thing and not getting rich off a pile of dead horses. The great thing about this blog is that I feel like nothing has been more responsible for turning kids and teens into budding rescuers. And if we don't create more rescuers, the horses are toast, because none of us are getting any younger and most of us are not getting any richer!

I SO love the Fail Blog. I laugh out loud at the Fail Blog! Really, absolutely everything the I Can Haz Cheezburger people do is brilliant. Even if I do have to tolerate an entire generation of people engaging in lolspeak (I'm guilty of it when talking to animals, but try to stay away from it in normal life...and sometimes fail. There are just too many situations "do not WANT" applies to!)

So what else do you read and enjoy on the web? Post your links and join me in wasting time and thinking about the weekend!

On the less hi-tech side, last night I read a book that was suggested by a blog reader, and I want to suggest it to you. Reiner Klimke's Basic Training of the Young Horse is probably THE BEST colt training book I have ever read. He starts out with getting the halter on the baby and progresses. I don't care if it's an old book, it's still 100% accurate. From his severe aversion to riding 2 year olds to his sensible, intelligent methods for conducting those first rides drama-free, everything here is chock full of common sense. Six bucks! You can't go wrong. Click on the link below and buy this before you buy some carrot-stick waving wacko's video - your horse will thank you!

It is Friday and we do have a Friday Featured Rescue. This one is in Nevada at Shiloh Horse Rescue. Inspirada is about seven years old and was rescued from slaughter pregnant two years ago. She gave birth to a healthy foal and has since been started under saddle.

As you can see from the photograph - not exactly a hot potato! If you are interested in Inspirada,
click here to learn more!