Monday, May 18, 2009

Time to strike him out for good!

Petition asking for mandatory jail time for equine abuse and neglect

They'd like to have 1000 signatures on this to present it to the district attorney in Nebraska tomorrow, so please take the time to sign! If you missed it, here are the blogs on the Three Strikes Ranch story:

I Believe That's More Than Three Strikes

Round-Up Completed

Web Site for the Adoptions - Check the message board to read the happy ending stories! Remember Piglet, the little weak filly I talked about that kept falling, the one Scotlund and I were able to get an individual ride for? Here are her updates - check out the fly mask! How cool is that? A big, big thank you to her adopter. I think she would have been the next one dead...I really do, and so it's especially great to see her enjoying the good life.

So please take the time to sign and I'll let you know if you can do more with letters or e-mails. Jason needs to be put away for a long time. I am sure HE still thinks he did nothing wrong, and that's beyond twisted.

ETA: Just found a HSUS video on the rescue with all the on-site footage we weren't allowed to shoot. So here's a look at Three Strikes Ranch during the rescue.