Friday, June 12, 2009

Dishonest Sellers and their Lame Excuses!

This is going to be a fun topic! Most of us have gone out to look at a horse who bore no resemblance to the horse described in the ad. We've seen finished western pleasure horses who careened around with their heads in the air, gamers who couldn't turn, and kid's horses the seller was afraid to get on. But what's the zaniest excuse you've heard from a seller about why their horse wasn't as advertised?

A reader sent me this awesome story:

"After much deliberation on a certain horse we liked in an internet ad (and a lot of communication with the seller - videos, pics, etc.) we hauled our 4-horse trailer down to look at him. He was a foundation Morgan, which is a breed we are very experienced with.

The "trainer" (a laughable title for this girl) couldn't make this horse do anything like what she had him doing in the videos. He couldn't even walk in a straight line let alone ride a 20 foot circle.

But all of his issues were most likely due to the fact that the horse was drugged, which I noticed within the first 15 minutes of being on the property (and it was readily apparent within 30 seconds after removing his saddle that he'd been Aced). After 20 minutes the trainer then announces why the horse apparently doesn't even know his butt from a hole in the ground after 60 days of daily professional training...

...(and I quote) "We had him goin' real good and he could do everything walk-trot perfectly when he was still a stallion, but then we had him gelded and he forgot it all cuz you know that's usually what happens when you geld 'em."

And when she said that I almost blurted out something to the effect of "What'd you do, get his brain and his testicles mixed up and cut the wrong end?" Here all my life I'd always thought that gelding a non-breeding stud was a GOOD thing because they became BETTER, safer riding companions. Apparently, stallions are the most intelligent and level-thinking kind of horse out there because as soon as you geld them it just makes them stupid! (and that would also mean that teenagers, with all of their hormones raging, DO know everything!) O.o

That was a new one on me, and I thought I'd heard it all. It would be interesting to hear what other nonsense people have been told by dishonest horse traders."

Well, that is a new one on me, too. I am riding a horse who got gelded last week and I'll tell you what, he's riding better since his brain surgery. He seems to have more energy - perhaps because he's not wasting it screaming at the ladies all day? It certainly has had no ill effects, nor has it caused him to forget any of his prior training. What a hoot!

So tell us, what's the craziest excuse YOU'VE heard?

I know a lot of you were interested in the junkyard Paint, and she did find a home, so I've got a rescue for you Floridians to look at this week! If you think this doesn't look like a rescue, just check out her before picture. Hope Equine Rescue has done a great job in restoring this mare to her current knockout gorgeous condition, and now she is ready for a new home.

Faith is just four years old and stands a petite 14.2. They believe she is a breeding stock APHA mare but no papers are available. Faith came to them in an extremely traumatized state - she would shake all over at the sight of people and cower in the back of her stall. She is started under saddle and needs one quiet, calm experienced rider that she can trust forever. She is sound, healthy and unlimited in terms of potential. She just needs the right person! If you think it might be you, contact Hope Equine Rescue to meet Faith.

Finally, for those of you in the Seattle area, Save a Forgotten Equine is having a benefit tack sale this weekend and there is going to be a ton of great stuff! The sale takes place tomorrow, Saturday the 13th, from 10 AM to 4 PM at
the SAFE Farm arena, 27706 Old Owen Rd., Monroe WA 98272.