Thursday, June 4, 2009

Definitely the Best of Craigslist!

Just read this one and I have to share. Kudos to whoever wrote it!

Great News for Pet Owners in West Michigan!

Date: 2009-04-22, 2:24PM EDT

After an exhaustive effort, I now have research to prove that you can take pets with you when moving!

Yes, it's true, and has been verified by many outside sources in the know. This includes:

*Moves to neighboring states
*Moves across country
*Moves within Michigan
*Moves within the city that you currently reside.

It turns out that in every city they having housing that allows pets. So, the best course of action would be if you(the pet owner) sought out one of these housing options(that allow pets) instead of inquiring on housing that does not allow pets(since you have a pet). I know, it seems complicated so let me use an analogy.

Example: If you are a smoker and want to rent a hotel room, you will want to book a "SMOKING ROOM" Now, if you call about a "NON SMOKING" room, you will not be able to smoke in said room. Which is bad, as you are a smoker, and enjoy smoking.

See how that works! Simple!

Also, while my research is not entirely complete, there is strong evidence that suggests you do
NOT need to give up pets either prior to or proceeding the birth of any of your children. You can have pets and kids. Seriously, it's true...look it up. They(your children) might even learn some traits such as compassion, responsibility, and accountability(I know big words, look them up) if they(your children) are raised in a house with pets(the ones you committed to prior to the children)!

I thought my findings were just too good to keep to myself. So, pass them on to any pet owners you know!

FHOTD back in: Just freakin' brilliant. Like I always say, it's AMAZING how many people can manage to move a big-screen TV but moving a ten year old Golden Retriever eludes them.