Friday, April 24, 2009

Round-up completed!

The latest I heard is that we got 192.

Everybody is fine at the fairgrounds. I know for a fact the newborn foals made it just fine.

We are tired and I won't be up too late tonight but all went generally well. Today was better than yesterday thanks to the addition of some rodeo folks. I LOVE rodeo folks because when you are doing this kind of thing, that is who you need. They know when to push, they have the "timing" right, and they know when to jump up a panel so that they don't get hurt. We had the most difficult ones to load today, and thanks to Casey and Rocky and Jennifer and Nikki and Bob and several more whose names I can't remember, we got even the toughest ones loaded without anyone getting hurt, horse or human. So, thanks you guys, that was awesome. Good help is so very appreciated!

Rayu was the last to be brought in. He led them on a merry chase over the fields and finally gave up and walked in following Amanda and grain. He does not look bad at all - I really would not be surprised to hear he was not on the property and was recently returned. He's a bit ribby but not bad at all. But yes, FOB's, he's fine. Not gonna die. Went to the fairgrounds safe and sound.

Square Peg, I did work with Scotlund and I loved him - he helped me arrange alternate transport for a filly too weak to be hauled with others. Thanks to him the very sweet yearling filly made it to the fairgrounds safely in a two horse trailer of her very own.

If anybody is criticizing Jerry Finch, they need to be bitchslapped. Jerry has been great and he NEVER said anything was being euthanized much less pregnant mares. For f's sake people...take a Prozac. Now, I don't know IF something will be euthanized in the future. There ARE some aggressive stallions and either brain surgery will cure that, or it won't. We'll see. Do I know of homes for 200 mustangs? Oh hell no. If you are interested in one, by all means post to the comments and say what you're interested in (young? older? pregger mare? mare with foal? freshly gelded? ones with saddle training only?) and I will pass your request along. I can make some personal recommendations about ones that I think have major potential, if you are interested in my 2 cents worth.

Today's high point is one of those. They ran in a gray mare with a bay filly at side (well, bay now - who knows in the future). Filly is only about a week old and marched RIGHT up to me. Minutes later, I was giving her butt and neck scritches and she was clacking her teeth together in baby horse ecstasy. Now THAT one needs to go to a home, with momma, and continue to progress. Momma is not possessive and did not mind a bit that I was working with baby. They will make a lovely project for someone. I was so happy when I heard the baby made the trip okay. She is a little superstar and there are others.

One bit of snark I must include:

Trailer loading 101: smacking the horse behind the butt drives him forward. Smacking him on top of his butt or back drives him where? Into the center of the earth? No. It just annoys him. Likewise, poking in the ribs is the cue for sidepassing, not trailer loading. If you do not know where to drive a horse from, please leave it to those who do. Thank you for your cooperation so that my head will not explode on future wild horse catching expeditions. ;-)

After we finally finished up about 4 PM, we headed off for dinner and a few nice cold beers. I am going to get some sleep tonight because we're off to the fairgrounds tomorrow to care for the horses and I'm sure that's going to be quite the job!