Tuesday, April 21, 2009

He wasn't stolen, he was trying to find food!

Shocker (not)

Rayu was found on the ranch. Surprise, surprise, surprise. No wonder nobody could fly over to check for him. BECAUSE HE WAS THERE. No word yet on his condition. It should be noted that Rayu is NOT Jason's and I hope he is QUICKLY removed to live somewhere where he will be fed.


So the good news is that, as I predicted, Jason will have a hard time suing me or anybody else who talked about this situation because he's going to be too busy fighting his own criminal charges. He has been charged with one count of felony animal cruelty, but expect that total to increase as there are many more dead. Jerry Finch of the ever-wonderful Habitat for Horses (the folks who saved Naysa) flew out there, and with the help of another great rescue, Front Range, took over and is busting his butt trying to save as many lives as possible. Meanwhile, Jason the Shirtless Gun-Totin' Cowboy got himself bailed out and promptly proceeded to return to the ranch he had abandoned and try to start shit with Jerry and his team. That's a GREAT way to show that you are "there for the horses," Jason. Let's interfere with people who are trying to help clean up the mess that your deadbeat ass created. THAT makes you look like a GREAT guy.

Jerry's got another pic on his web site. Poor pony.

Article including the Habitat For Horses press release.

Jerry is meeting with the authorities and more news to come...I am sure there will be many more felony charges from what I am hearing. If you want to help, you can donate to Front Range Equine Rescue for the horses (info is in the press release link). If you can't do that, just wait - this guy is going to do his best to weasel out of prosecution. Just remember the original post and the excuses I told you that he will use - you are going to hear them!

If you have a mustang sanctuary and are doing it right, this is a good time to invite the press to your property and speak your piece about how horses can be managed in a natural setting but still receive proper care. Remember, unless we educate and until we educate,
the excuses work. They work on the public and they work on juries and they work on judges. One of the best things you can do is show by example that the excuses are nonsense. Let's see it!