Monday, August 3, 2009

Enumclaw Auction report...and the $125 Canadian Warmblood!

Yes, it was time for another Enumclaw Auction, and while I didn't make it there myself, I had a friend reporting from the front lines who brought home quite an amazing find for $125. This is a registered Canadian Warmblood mare, around ten years old. Her registered name is Ellevet and she is, as you can see, sound. She was so mellow about being in a new home that I jumped on her for a little test drive bareback last night and she didn't put a foot wrong.

She is a classic example of someone just failing miserably at selling a horse. I'm told she's been on Craigslist recently, listed for $800 or $900. But the story was none too straight. First she was a Dutch Warmblood, then she was a Canadian Warmblood, then she was a draft cross. They said she had been trail ridden and ridden on the road, but hadn't been ridden for a year. And of course the pictures were hideous - bad angles of her standing with a rope thrown over her neck.

So, shocker, she didn't sell and they decided to take her to the auction. They arrived with the intention of no saling her if she didn't bring $500 and indeed that is what they did - the first time she ran through and only got up to $450.

But hey, they didn't really want to drag this mare home. At the auction they told people she had not been ridden for five years and that she was "too much horse" for them. And then something else caught their eye - look, shiny! - and they bought it. Now they could not drag her back home again, so they decided to run her through again, last horse of the day. You know who was still around - Oly the kill buyer and, thank Heavens, my rescuer friend and her pals.

Oly bid $100. My friend bid $125. Oly's a pretty decent guy and he doesn't make a habit of bidding up horses so that rescuers don't get them. The mare went home with my friend. She is a Canadian Warmblood, registered name Ellevet. I went out to see her last night and jumped on her bareback and walked her around - she's totally calm and well broke. The feet need work (shocker, LOL!) so we won't do any serious evaluation 'til the farrier comes out but that will happen this week.

I'm still shaking my head at what you can buy for $125. I mean, clean legged, sound and sweet. What a crazy world. Again, I sure hope anybody who is still breeding is SURE they still have a market...I mean, when this goes for $125, it ought to scare everybody into a second look at their program.

The auction report...please note that a palomino paint did not even get ONE bid, for those of you who still think loud color is enough!

203 - $75 - 7yr Black/White APHA mare. Sound, good condition, but didn't handle well
208 - $500 - 7yr Chestnut/White APHA mare. Ron bred her, pricty, good condition, rode nice, 2 blue eyes
209 - $1250 NS - 5yr Chestnut AQHA mare. Pretty, sound, very good condition, nice
206 - $400 - 5yr Bay APHA mare. Solid with blad face and blue eyes. Nice, calm, good condition. 2mo white/bay APHA colt. blue eyes with liner. nice, calm
201 - $1000 NS - 14yr Bay/White APHA gelding. Good condition, scared, english, western, dressage, camp
204 - $300 KB - 7yr Chestnut AQHA gelding. Decent condition, calm, solid, shod
211 - $225 - 8yr Chestnut AQHA mare. Excellent condition, calm, seemed sweet
212 - $125 KB - 18yr Chestnut AQHA mare, good condition, worried but very docile, all-time halter
205 - $1400 NS - 10yr Brown AQHA gelding. well bred, rode nice, breakaway & heeling, heck of a nice horse
213 - $250 NS - 1yr Buckskin AQHA fill. Excellent condition, pretty, handled well
214 - $250 - 11yr Black registered Arab mare. Well bred, good weight, bad feet, rain rot
215 - $250 NS - 1yr Perlino AQHA colt. Nice condition, well mannered
216 - $325 - 7yr Black Bay Rocky Mt - Kentucky Mt gelding. Good condition, trail horse, 16+hh
217 - $550 - 11yr Dark Buckskin AQHA gelding. Trail horse, rode very nice, small hernia, exceptional horse
218 - $1100 NS - 5yr Bay AQHA gelding. Excellent condition, rode verey n ice, pretty
219 - $370 - 4yr Gray TB mare. Good condition, pretty, calm, 2 big bows on front
220 - $350 - 4yr Bay AQHA mare. Good condition, rode well, calm
221 - $150 - 2yr Bay Half-Arab stud. Tall, upright, pretty
222 - $550 NS - 10yr Chestnut/White APHA mare. Good condition, calm, rode nice, trail horse
223 - $300 NS - Chestnut TB mare. Good condition, very calm, seemed sweet
224 - $70 - 2yr Dark Buckskin APHA filly. Good condition, well mannered, very scared
301 - $80 - 4-5yr Dun/White stallion. Decent condition, solid, sturdy, pretty
303 - $300 - 5yr Bay gelding. Oly brought him in. Good condition, rode well, very calm & responsive
309 - $100 - 1.5yr Spotted Jack. Sweet, lead OK, nice animal but not good condition
??? - $125 KB - 13yr Grulla Paint mare. Very calm, good condition, rode well
306 - $400 KB - 25yr Chestnut/White Paint gelding. Big, stout, very gentle, rode nice
307 - $250 KB - 9yr Chestnut gelding. Very gentle, very broke, calm, good condition
308 - $50 KB - 4yr Bay Roan Appy gelding. Pretty, kicks
311 - $1000 - 11yr Palomino gelding. Big, gentle, calm, very broke, exceptional horse
312 - $350 - 15yr Chestnut Paint geldint. Good condition, UTD, calm, rides nice, trail horse
313 - $125 - 15yr Chestnut QH? mare. Good trail horse, "walks too fast"
31? - $400 - 3yr Bay TB mare. Good condition, calm, rides very well
31? - $50 KB - Bay TB gelding. Skinny, bandaged leg, calm, hurt
310 - $50 - Yearling? Bay/White pinto filly. Scared, nervous, bad handling, good condition
31? - $75 - Yearling? Palomino colt. Good condition, nice, sweet, handled well
318 - $75 KB - 12yr Chestnut/White pinto gelding. Good condtion, rode well, calm & responsive
317 - $275 - 7yr Gray TB gelding. Tall, excellent condition, calm
322 - $125 - 2yr Black/White pinto mare. Decent condition, sweet, calm, gentle
324 - $40 - White medicine hat pinto colt. Scared, nervous, handled bad
319 - $100 KB - Bay TB gelding. Calm, well mannered
325 - $450 NS - 10yr White Canadian Warmblood mare. Huge, sound, rode nice
331 - $260 - Bay TB gelding. Good condition, well mannered
326 - $0 NS - Yearling? black colt. Good condition, well mannered
327 - $100 KB - 18yr Bay/White gelding. Huge, been there - dont that, trail horse
??? - $100 KB - Dark Bay gelding. Good condition, well mannered
328 - $200 - 12yr Chestnut Roan Appy mare. Good condition, rode well
331 - $220 - Yearling White/Palomino miniature colt
330 - $300 NS - 5yr Chestnut with Flaxen mare. Good condition, 6mo training, rode well
329 - $100 KB - 7yr Chestnut paint gelding. Bald face, good condition, rode well, kids horse
330 - $75 KB - Ran through again. 5yr Chestnut with Flaxen mare. Good condition, 6mo training, rode well
334 - $200 - 9yr Near Leopard Appy gelding. Good, solid, broke, kids horse
333 - $150 NS - 2yr Palomino filly. Good condition, well mannered, very pretty
332 - $0 NS - 3yr Palomino paint gelding. Good, sweet, great manners, started
325 - $125 - Ran through again. 10yr White Canadian Warmblood mare. Huge, sound, didn't ride. No minimum.

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