Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beating to death = Not euthanasia!

"This is just one of those stories that makes me want to beat some people with a baseball bat, and Peggy Trantham, I'd like to start with you! Second news story.

"The owner of the horse, Peggy Trantham, told Briney to “get rid of” the horse. When he returned, Trantham told authorities that Briney told her that he had killed it by beating it in the head with a baseball bat."

Who tells a 20 year old to put their pony to sleep without asking how this will be accomplished?

Who the HELL puts a pony to sleep for having a torn ear and bites on its legs? Even if the ears had to be amputated (and that just screams neglect - sorry but I'm pretty damn sure someone neglected the original injury for it to get that serious), ponies don't NEED ears. I used to work a polo pony who'd come from Colorado and only had half-ears from frostbite and she was just fine.

And WTF Peggy, why did you just abandon the pony somewhere in the first place? You loaned it out for a birthday party and didn't bother to pick it up?

Now let's talk about the guy who did this. Benjamin Briney. It's ARKANSAS! How hard would it be to find a DAMN GUN? I could find a gun in Arkansas in 10 seconds at any service station or bar. I'm pretty sure you can ask any farmer how to shoot a large animal and he's gonna know how to get the job done. There was NO need for this to happen. This is such total and senseless cruelty. Hey, do you think the kids who rode the pony at the party will find out what happened to him? How do you think they are going to feel about your decision to "get rid of him?"

Yeah, it's just another story that makes me want a minimum IQ requirement to own animals. These people are just bottom-feeders and that poor pony lost the owner lottery in a big, big way. SICK. I hope both Briney and Trantham are prosecuted as they should be. Drew County doesn't have a lot of information online so I haven't figured out who the proper prosecuting attorney is to contact but I'll edit this entry when I do!


"WOW!!! I am disgusted once again with some human beings. Sadly this is the town I live in. I don't know the accused, but agree with him also getting the same treatment. There is no sentence long enough for people like this.

I own 3 horses and have raised them all from babies. They are like my children. I read your site every day, you do an amazing
job. We all love you for that."

"That story made me sick to my stomach and after growing up on a farm, it takes a lot to do that. Why would you kill the
horse in such a manner and for injuries that were not that severe?........CRUEL IDIOTS!"

"This morning I had my vet put my favorite gelding and former national. halter champion to sleep. I can assure you no baseball bats were involved. He went quickly and quietly, his pain ended. I stayed with him until he was buried on our farm. I admit I am devastated over his loss and reading this post hit a few nerves.

The actions of the owner and bat swinging killer involved with the pony's death were cruel and unnecessary. They deserve to be punished to the full extent of the law. As one reader commented, "An eye for an eye." That special place in hell has a couple more future occupants. - Halternhunters"

"Holy shit, this is the town I just moved to for graduate school. I was a little worried about the cow-town aspect of the place, but I never expected to hear something like this two weeks after moving here... I sincerely hope that the owner gets slapped with something too, if only for negligence."

I couldnt help but be saddened by your recent post on your blog. It reminded me unfortunately of an incident that took place recently in my small town of Anza, Ca. A man beat his horse to death with a sledge hammer or something then he decapitated it with a chainsaw and fed the head this dogs. I was hoping this was an isolated incident and that people really couldnt be that heartless and cruel. But unfortunately not all people are like us animal lovers and there is some really cruel worthless piece of shit poeple on this world! I hope they get what they deserve in hell. If you want to read up on the incident just type in Anza, horse and chainsaw. Im sure it will pop up. Its really sad and the mad i dont even think got a jail sentece because he was mentally unstable or something, well "duh"! No "sane person would do something like that! Thanks for reading this and have a good day! I love your blog!