Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh the drama!

So, some silly little man has apparently pulled out a lot of stops to mess up my blog for a while, but as you all know by now - NOTHING stops the Fugly blog! So we're just back over here for a day or two until this is resolved or I switch web hosts. Bear with me, and I'm sorry about all the confusion!

Here's what I want to do today. Let's celebrate silly question day! If you have been thinking about trying a different show class or going to a certain kind of event for the first time, but you are afraid of looking silly and think you might have a silly question, post it here and get it answered with no shame! Whether you're wondering what kind of saddle you need for AQHA competition, whether a bit is legal for training level dressage, or what you'll need to know before going to your first team penning, let's post those questions here and help each other out!

Then, tomorrow, we'll track the silly little man down and eat his liver for lunch...kidding...really. ;)