Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This horse actually wasn't fugly but I have to print the content of the ad as it has so many screaming reasons why this horse should NEVER REPRODUCE. My comments are in blue.
Broodmare or a riding horse for an intermediate to advanced rider?

The horses name is Fancy. She is 15.2 hands and 15 years old. I have been told that Fancy was once registered but the papers are nowhere to be found and she has been breed twice I have been told. There is no market for unregistered horses unless they have a show record longer than my arm. This mare should NEVER REPRODUCE.

A friend of mine took in Fancy when she found out that she had been abused. Fancy could barely walk and her toes looked like they had not been trimmed for 2 years. My friend had ridden Fancy about 2 years before this day and she was pretty much normal then. Pretty much? Why is it that I suspect this is a lameness of long standing duration? Fancy had been had kept in a stall most of the two years and was badly neglected before my friend got her.

After several corrective trimmings, my friend got this horse walking again. Walking? How fucked up was she? Fancy does have problems no, really? but my friend has ridden Fancy in the mountains at Euer Valley (Truckee/Donner Summit area) and feels that she could do it again this year. Since she has finally come sound after the last time we did it, last year! Her vet feels the horse may have a Navicular type condition. Yet another good reason this mare should NEVER REPRODUCE. We don't know for sure because we have never had her x-rayed. Because we are cheap motherfuckers and would rather just dump her on Craigslist. My friend gave me the horse 10 months ago. and now I want $300 because, you know, I fed it some hay. I am really a beginner rider and feel that the horse is best suited for an intermediate to advanced rider. Translation: the lame fucked up horse is also mentally unsound and has tried to kill me and therefore it should NEVER REPRODUCE. I also think the horse would make a good broodmare. WHY? WHY? WHY? What information have you provided here would lead anyone to believe this horse would make a "good broodmare?"

I attached 2 pictures of her. One of them is when my friend rode her in the mountains.
Let me know if anybody could give her a good home.

$300 adoption fee or best offer.